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Focus on Basics (2016)
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Intelligent Operations (2015)
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Operational Excellence through process automation (2014)
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Recent Achivements and future work plans of WIB (2013)
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Life cycle challenges opportunities (2012)
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Proces control optimisation
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How to protect your plants against cyber attacks (2010)
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Welcome to WIB
The Process Automation Users' Association.
WIB provides process instrumentation evaluation- and assessment services for- and on behalf of- its industrial user member companies. WIB operates in close collaboration with a sister association (Evaluation International) in the UK. A co-operation agreement exists with the NAMUR organisation in Germany.

In 2013 WIB celebrated her 50th anniversary.

Tom Kuperij
Managing Director

  • Facilitate exchange of experience and expertise amongst end-users and with vendors of C&A
  • Provide requirements, selection and application guidance through independent evaluation

    ExxonMobil Takes up a Corporate membership of WIB
    ​WIB welcomes ExxonMobil Corporation - Research and Engineering ( EMRE) as new member. This new Corporate membership will replace the current ExxonMobil-Opco memberships by Esso Nederland BV and ExxonMobil Chemicals Holland BV. Members of these Companies will continue their WIB activities as part of the new EMRE membership.

    Succesful WIB Seminar Focus On Basics was held

    The seminar was aimed at giving the audience a condensed update, share views and insghts on the the subject of 'Focus on Basics' within Process Automation.

    The presentations can be downloaded by Clicking Here

    WIB welcomes Hudson Cybertec as a new member!
    Hudson Cybertec, located in The Netherlands, is a security solution provider that operates worldwide, with focus on Operational Technology (OT). Hudson Cybertec offers specialized security- and industrial network knowledge to companies within the industrial segment. The IEC 62443 Competence Center of Hudson Cybertec has broad experience with this international standard for Industrial Automation & Control Systems Security and actively propagates it internationally, delivering IEC 62443 training worldwide. This IEC 62443 standard is the international standard for Industrial Automation & Control Systems Security, initiated by the ISA and WIB and adopted by the IEC.

    NEN/IEC document: Security for Industrial Automation and Control systems IEC 62443-2-4 (ed-1)

    We are pleased and proud to inform you that the WIB document M2784-X-10 version 2.0 (Oct 2011) has been withdrawn from publication, in favour of the now finalised IEC document:

    IEC 62443-2-4 (ed-1), Security for Industrial Automation and Control systems, Part 2-4: Security program requirements for IACS service providers

    This document is now available for sale from the IEC Office or from your local standardisation organisations-document sales.

    Completion of this IEC standard is considered a major milestone towards the aim of providing Industrial Control and Automation systems which are compliant with the required level of Cyber Security, as to minimise vulnerability to cyber attacks.

    The next step(s) in this process are already in progress with various certification institutions and IEC to set-up compliance testing and certification schemes to provide a solid foundation for enhanced security throughout the process industries.

    Free self assessment tool for
    security standard IEC 62443 available online

    A self-Assessment tool for Security Standard IEC 62443-2-4 available online. The world is about to mandate a self-assessment proof of compliance
    with this security standard WIB is proud to offer, for FREE

    Click here for more information about the Self Assessment tool of WCK.

    Press Release

    Cyber Security Standard To Protect Global Critical Infrastructure

    The International Instrument Users Association (WIB) Releases Comprehensive Cyber Security Standard To Protect Critical Industrial Computer Systems From Cyber Attack.

    Click here to read the full press release


    WIB has a close relationship with the British end-user's organisation Evaluation International and German end-users' organisation NAMUR (International User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries). More Information about other organisations and liasions Click Here

    Independent Laboratories

    For evaluation-, test- and assessment services WIB works together with independent laboratories like for example TNO, DNV KEMA, NMi, Errakal and SP.

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