Introduction To WIB Membership

WIB has members in various European countries, the Middle East, Japan, Africa and North America. The majority of members are medium to large companies and multinationals. However, there are also small members for which industrial automation, measurement and process control is of considerable importance, such as engineering contractors and system integrators.

Who can become a member?

All organisations and industries who are concerned with industrial automation, measurement and control can become members. Strictly Excluded from membership are companies that are involved in the manufacture or sale of any form of instrumentation or control equipment for commercial purposes.

At present WIB has members operating in a wide range of industrial sectors:

• Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals
• Fine-chemicals & Pharmaceutics
• Food & Beverage
• Utilities; Power, Gas & Water
• Public and private research organisations
• Engineering Contractors or consultances


Added Value Of Membership

• Cost and time savings by jointly undertaking assessments and studies.
• Objective and impartial assessments and studies.
• Low cost access to expert reports.
• Exchange of user information, knowledge and experience.
• Representation of end-users' common interests.
• Effective and economic training platform for junior discipline staff by participation in Working Group experts meetings.


Benefits of a WIB membership

• Most economical method to obtain and share independent end-users' data and information and experience
• Oppertunity to consult a 'peer' network prior to making important business and investment decisions
• Powerfull/influential 'lobby group' for discussion of important decisions and rulings with manufacturers and authorities
• Share -and obtain- industry best practice guidance for e.g. application of new measurement/control and functional safety technologies
• Participation in (and hence: obtain early performance knowledge of..) test/assessments of new measurement technologies, applications and system concepts
• Effective and economic training platform for junior discipline staff by participation in Working Group expert meetings

Becoming a member

 Applying for membership is a low threshold effort.  A small questionnaire will be sent to ascertain eligibility for membership, followed by a  1 page application form. There are different classes ( and cost-)  of membership, based on depth of information and size/ participation level  in WG's .  WIB enforces a strict anti -trust protocol, to which all members  are committed.
For further details on WIB membership opportunities and possibities, please contact the WIB Management:



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