WIB undertakes the following activities:
 (Carried out by independent labs or special task forces)

• Objective and impartial evaluations, tests, surveys, questionnaires, and studies;

• Functional assessment of equipment and systems;

 (The findings are published in reports available to members.)

And provision of:

• Practical guidelines to help with the selection of instruments, methods for specifying equipment and systems, application and scope of new directives, etc;

• Discussion platforms for specialists from member companies to exchange information and expertise, for example, in working groups or task forces.


Representation of members' interests, ie:

• Negotiating and liaising with manufacturers and vendors;
• Promoting members' interests in standards and certification bodies;
• Liaising with branch organisations and other external organisations.


 All or most of the above activities are carried out through participation in various working groups.



Published Reports List

The published report list is a dynamic document and are listed on a Excel Spreadsheet that has sort capabilities. Click here for the 'Recent Published Reports' spreadsheet and click here for the 'History Published Reports' spreadsheet.

WIB is operating in a number of working groups, covering the following fields:

• Pressure Measurement
• Temperature Measurement
• Flow Measurement
• Analytical Measurement
• Environmental Safety Instruments
• Miscellaneous Measurements
• Controllers
• Control Valves And Ancillaries
• Wireless
• Plant Security
• Proces Control Optimisation
• Signal Processing & Transmission
WIB members can download the reports by clicking on the report links in the Excel Spreadsheet, or by visiting the 'reports' section on the WIB Sharepoint.