Self assessment tool for security standard IEC 62443

Benefits for using the portal
- Find out your score (maturity level) in complying with the IEC62443-2-4 standard.
 - Raise awareness in your organization to security using the IEC62443-2-4 requirements.
 - Save time and money re-answering tenders with the same questions regarding your fulfillment to the IEC62443-2-4 requirement by providing the self-assessment report.
 - Get statistical analysis that will help you benchmark your company in comparison to others and focus on the areas that require improvement.

Online tool

The online tool is available at this link:

The basic functions of the tool can be used free of charge. Do note that some additional features come with extra charges by WCK. Note that WIB does not have any commercial interests.

 Support of the tool is delivered by WCK.

Privacy Q & A
 How is the data sent and received to the portal secured?
The data is sent and received over a secured HTTPS channel so all communication is encrypted.

 Where is the data stored?
The data is stored anonymously on the server and a dedicated DB. The server used to host the portal is a standalone virtual server that is not shared for any other purpose other than the portal.

What is the data used for?
The data is only used for running the self-assessment and storing your result. These results are not shared with any WIB member or anyone else. The results can be used for statistical purposes like the average score of all suppliers, but will not give any 3rd party the possibility to extract your specific result according to the statistical data.

 Who can access the server?
The server is maintained by a small number of WCK professionals with access to rights to the server for maintenance and support purposes.


Who can access the data?
The data is accessible only to the WCK administrators that can access the DB for maintenance and support purposes.

Can any other supplier view my answers?
No, each user logs in as a unique user and cannot view data of others.


Can WIB members view my results?
No, the WIB members will only get the statistical data like the average score per IEC chapter of all suppliers etc. The WIB member will not receive your specific scores unless you will give it to them using the report or diploma that can be issued upon completion of the self-assessment.

About the developer
 WCK GRC ( is a global provider of a risk management and cyber security management solution. WCK solutions are used by industries such as Banking and Finance, Critical Infrastructures such as Energy and Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, and Telecom. WCK has offices in the US, Germany Italy and an R&D in Israel.