WIB Seminars



Date held: 17 March 2016

Location: Glazen Zaal, The Hague

  • Opening - Overview WIB's working groups activities
    Mr. Tom Kuperij - Managing Director WIB
  • Focus on basics! Who tunes the controllers
    Mr. Alex van Delft - Royal DSM & Mr. Rene Rademakers - Sabic 

  • Simplicity, robustness and safety from intrument up to & including Industial IoT networks
    Mr. Valentijn de Leeuw - ARC
  • What's needed to select fit for purpose instrumentation
    Mr. Kees Kaijser - Dow

  • Explosion in parameter settings
    Mr. Peter Mooi - Shell

  • Innovation in process automation
    Mr. Pascal vd Wijdeven - Magion 

  • Risk assessment of (nuclear) process plats to cyber crime exposure
    Mr. Jos Menting - Laborelec



Date held: 20 March 2015

Location: Glazen Zaal, The Hague


  • Opening, Welcome
    Mr. Tom Kuperij - Managing Director WIB

  • Intelligent Operations: an introduction
    Mr. Alex van Delft - Royal DSM

  • Process Control: Path Forward towards Remote Operation
    Mr. Joachim Birk - BASF-SE

  • Shopfloor System
    Mr. Johan Ike - AkzoNobel

  • Intelligent Operations or Intelligent Operator? 4 Presentations
    • Roadmap
      Mr. Rob Everink - Royal DSM

    • Universal HMI
      Mr. Bart Verburg - Actemium

    • Intelligent Operating Manual
      Mr. Klaas-Otto Ykema - Versatec

    • Vision 2030
      Mr. Rob Everink - Royal DSM



                                         Date held: 20 March 2014

                                         Location: Glazen Zaal, The Hague


  • Opening, Welcome
    Mr. Tom Kuperij - Managing Director WIB

  • Efficient use of "big" data in automation across the entire life cycle 
    Mr. Andreas Buchdunger - Endress + Hauser

  • Reference architecture requirements for Control Systems & Follow-up of WIB-2.0/IEC-62443-2-4 CDV
    Mr. Ted Angevaare - Shell Global Solutions Int.

  • Explanation and Demo of the WCK self assessment tool
    Mr. Eyal Adar - WCK

  • SIS Failure data collection in NAMUR
    Mr. Dirk Hablawetz - BASF/NAMUR

  • SIS-Final Elements: Automated Block Valve Fit-for-Purpose?
    Mr. Kees Meliefste - Dow Chemicals Benelux

  • Functional Safety and Alarm Management 
    Mr. Geert Souljé - DuPont de Nemours

  • Guideline Functional Safety in Batch Processes
    Mr. Leon Heemels - Royal DSM & Mr. Direk Hablawetz - BASF/NAMUR 

Requesting Slides WIB Seminars

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Topics previous years

  • Recent Achievements and future work plans of WIB (2013)
  • Life cycle challenges opportunities (2012)
  • Process control optimisation (2011)
  • The Business Case (2011)
  • How to protect your plants against cyber attacks (2010)