Digitalisation Day



October 7th 2021 - Papendrecht, The Netherlands
The WIB is adapting to changing technology, demands and expectations. One of the spearheads is to actively look at overarching workgroup themes to strengthen synergies between the work groups. Digitalisation, not addressed on the WIB yet, is one of these.

In the spring of 2021, the digitalisation taskforce was formed to investigate how to involve the different work groups in this process. It led to the organisation of the WIB Digitalisation Day on the 7th of October this year, with 5 subjects to discuss: Autonomous Operations, Workforce & Organization of the Future, Open Process Control, Data Analytics and IT/OT Convergence.

During the plenary morning session, 4 presentations showed 4 different but very inspiring angles on the subject. In the afternoon’s break-out sessions the WIB members of the different WIB work groups discussed how the 5 subjects affects their areas of expertise and how they can contribute. With the results of these
break-out sessions, and the very interactive plenary discussion afterwards, the digitalisation taskforce will determine next steps.

5G Conference

April 9th 2019 - Leusden, The Netherlands

During this conference suppliers, integrators, providers and specialists addressed the “what, when and how” of 5G in the process industry as well the expected impact. Please click here for the programme.

WIB Seminar
Safe and Secure operation in Digital Transformation

2019 - The Hague - The Netherlands (download program)
The seminar was aimed at giving the audience a condensed update, share views and insights on the the subject of 'Safe and Secure operation in Digital transformation' within Process Automation.

You can obtain selected presentations by sending an email to manager@wib.nl

European Associations of automation technology end-users in the process industry see cybersecurity and 5G-connectivity as basis for digitalization
NEWEC Press Release 29th of October 2019
NEWEC represents over 250 companies using instrumentation and process control systems that are vital for the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of complex process industries. During the gathering the Associations reaffirmed their intention to cooperate closely in this challenging, fast moving and complex field, discussed common concerns and how best to address them. To further underline the importance of collaboration the existing cooperation agreement between NAMUR, EI, WIB and EXERA was extended to include CLUI AS as a new member. Varied and open discussions covered many key topics f.e. Cybersecurity of industrial systems, Connectivity in the industrial environment, Big data and Type testing.  Read the full Press Release here

WIB Plant Security Seminar at TU/e
15th of November 2019 - Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Various speakers shared insights on the subject of Plant Security with members of the WIB Working Group and students of the University of Eindhoven. One of the speakers was Dr. Konstantinos Moulinos of Enisa-Gr who joined via a Conference video call (see photo).


European associations of automation technology end-users in the process industry (NEWE)
An influential group of organisations representing European users of industrial process automation technology met recently and agreed key themes that must be addressed to meet the challenges of  he future. Board Members and directors of European user associations of automation technology in process industries - NAMUR, EI, WIB and EXERA - supported by EEMUA, the association for the users of  industrial assets, had their 6 th annual meeting in London on 21 September 2017, along with the 3 rd annual steering group meeting of NEWE 1 . Wide ranging discussions stressed the need for a next level of cooperation, in order to meet the challenges of increasing complexity and outside threats, and established key programmes to provide responses to these issues... Read More