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WIB workgroup PLS: Plant Security

What we do: Create an environment where manufacturing end user can (learn) share concerns, challenges and successes related to cybersecurity in a manufacturing environment.
So they can;

  • Mitigate threats to industrial automation, measurement & control equipment and systems created by Cyber Security risks.
  • Allow the WIB members to speak with one voice to the industrial automation Vendors to allow them to improve their products and services.
  • Leverage guidance papers generated by the team within their own organization.

What we don’t do: Share prices, discuss vendors and talk about intellectual property.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, IEC 62443, ISA99, ISA95

Action: The team is currently working on creating guidance on the following topics;
•    The use of IEC 62443.2-4 (Vendor requirements). 
•    Remote support 
•    Backup & restore  
•    The use honeypots 
•    Cybersecurity vs Human behavior 
•    Micro segmentation (Zoning) 

Some examples of what has been address in the past;
•    Guidance on deploying cloud solutions in the operation technology space. 
•    Initial Cyber risk determination for engineering - and maintenance personnel. 
•    Guidance on how to comply/ prepare to data privacy legislation.
•    A framework to achieve a resilient system architecture. 
•    Security implications when exchanging data with OT systems
•    Guidelines on how you setup a remote support connection. 
•    How to install/maintain industrial firewalls.