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The WIB activities:

  • All workgroups will meet minimal 4 times a year to discuss common challenges in the industry
  • Several times a year meetings about specific themes are held
  • Two times a year all chair(wo)man of the different workgroups will discuss for overlapping issues
  • Once a year an Annual General Meeting is held to report WIB results
  • Position papers and reports are writen and published

Overview of activities:

4-okt-23Plant Security meeting10u00-12u00
6-okt-23Smart Field Instrument DataDen Bosch
10-okt-23FHI/WIB event: Cyber SecurityFHI
19-okt-23Wireless Manufacturing Teams meeting9u30-11u00
26-okt-23Process Control meetingAmersfoort
31-okt-23Functional safety meetingDordrecht
7-nov-23WIB/FHI Autonomous Operation workshopLeusden
14-nov-23NEWEC meetingLonden
15-nov-23Plant Security Teams meeting9u00-11u00
16-nov-23Wireless Manufacturing Teams meeting9u30-11u00
22-nov-23Field Equipment meetingt.b.d.
29-nov-23Process Analyzer Technology meetingt.b.d.
30-nov-23WIB Board & chairmen meetingt.b.d.
5-dec-23WIB Final Elements/Valves meetingDen Bosch
21-dec-23Wireless Manufacturing Teams meeting10u30-11u00