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Workgroup PAT: Process Analyse Technology

Measuring properties of products helps us to understand what is going on in production processes and enables us to optimize them and/or intervene when safety comes at risk.
Process analyzers are quite different from other process instruments. Instruments measure properties like temperature, pressure, flow or level, process analyzers however can measure the quality of process streams. They can for example provide information about the composition of a process stream or measure its physical properties.
What we do: Share experience amongst end users of Process Analytical equipment like Process Analyzers and associated Sample Conditioning, Sampling systems and Fire- and Gas-detection equipment. Challenges and innovations in the application area of Process Analyzers are discussed to create synergy for common points of interest, through:

  • involving independent labs or special task forces for:
    • Objective and impartial evaluations, tests, surveys, questionnaires, and studies. 
    • Functional assessment of capabilities of Process Analyzers and Fire & Gas equipment and systems
  • Developing/exchanging practical guidelines to help with the selection of Analyzers
  • Exchange of information and expertise among Analyzer specialists.
  • Actively interacting with OEM’s or representatives on innovations, concerns and experiences.
  • Exchanging and if possible, promoting members' interests in standards and certification bodies
  • Sharing knowledge with next generation Analyzer enthusiasts

What we don't do: share prices, discuss vendors or share intellectual property 
Keywords: Analyzers, Sample Conditioning, Fire & Gas detection Systems, Analytical principles, Analytical Standards and procedures
Actions: the team is currently working on the following topics/area’s:
•    Development of Process Analyzer Selection tool
•    Digitalization opportunities and challenges for field equipment
•    New technology lab evaluation on gas detection equipment
•    Optimization of Maintenance on Process Analyzer Systems