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Recent Published Reports:

WIB Autonomous Operations Maturity Matrix V2.0

WIB guidelines calibration rev2v5

Functional safety competence requirements

Results investigation  Endress+Hauser Promass 300A

Security Implications when exchanging data with OT systems

Data privacy legislation- Overview

Results of the WIB ESST  (Environmental Simulation and Selection Test) - pilot project.

Evaluation of the Samson - TROVIS 3793 Valve Positioner  for rotary  motion control  Vs: 1.01

Evaluation of the Neles - NDX Valve Positioner  for Rotary  motion control  Vs: 1.

Evaluation of the ABB - EDP300 Valve Positioner  for Rotary  motion control  Vs: 1.01

Initial Cyber risk determination for engineering - and  maintenance personnel  (Easy to use assessment tool)   -1st edition

WIB position paper - SIS competencies

Process Automation Maturity Model ( PAMM)

Actuated Valve Assembly: Arecommended Practice for Part-turn Automated On-Off valves

Testing of a small Coriolis mass meterOptimass 6400 S08

Testing of the Endress and Hauser density meterType: Promass Q and the Solar density meter type 7835

Testing the Solar density meter type: 7835 and the Emerson Compact density meter  Type CDM

Results of testing the Pr point location of the mass Vortex meter Prowirl 200

US clamp-on flowmeter (XMT 868 i and C-ET)  -GE sensing EMEA

Test of Insertion EMF meter  FPI mod 395L  DN 250, 500

Cybersecurity of field devices

VesselCheck  ST2 Liquid level transmitter -Rototherm

Study on possible uses of  Johnson Noise Thermometers in UK  Nuclear, Airospace and Petrochemical Applications

Tests of a small Coriolis massflow meter
model: Promass 83A

Comparative testing of Small Coriolis MassFlow meters
Models: CMF-010, CMFS-010 and CMFS-015

RFI Susceptibility test report: Vision range of Electrical Protection Relay, Motorvision(MV2) and Feedervision (FV2), make P&B

FLUXUS F721 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

SITRANS FUP1010 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

SITRANS F M MAG 5100 W (Size DN250)  and  SITRANS F M MAG 3100 (Size DN500) c/w Mag 6000 transmitter

Proline Promag W400 Flowmeter ( Sizes: DN250/500)