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WIB Workgroup WM: Wireless Manufacturing

What we do: Our team is working on guidelines, specifications and requirements in several sub-groups:

  • Network and architecture
  • Wireless devices
  • Applications
  • External Cooperation

What we don’t do: Speak in favour of specific Sales forces, office personnel, sensor, network architecture or application selection.

Keywords: Wireless, IIoT, 5G, 4G, LTE, LoRa, WiFi, Network, Instrumentation, Sensors, Digital workforce

    Actions Network and architecture

    • Secured wireless data exchange, associated risks and learnings exchange.
    • Creating basis for development of private networks.
    • Understand the underlying nitty-gritties of I/T/OT convergence. 
    • Understand the requirements needed to develop private networks 
    • Understand wireless data quality and how this integrates/compares with the wired equivalent.
    • Security bits as it concerns protocols, communication standards.
    •  Underlying wireless protocols and best practices for their usage. Global wireless technology trend.

    Action wireless devices

    • Industrial/hazardous area/ATEX certified devices.
    • General sensors management (asset management) - where located, where used, etc.
    • Understand the underlying nitty-gritties of I/T/OT convergence. (Common point for sub-group Devices and Network and architecture

    Action applications

    • Understand what is required to develop a practical use case for application of wireless technologies.
    • Understand and leverage new technologies out there.
    • Understand inputs for wireless improvements for company.  Understand and support development of guidelines for reliable, secure and cost beneficial deployment of wireless technologies.

    Action External Cooperation

    • Influence development of wireless sensors/devices.
    • Understand the principles for setting global strategies with vendors,  for wireless sensors /devices.
    • One frequency for private cellular networks.
    • Get insight into how private networks can easily integrate into existing plant data domain. (sub-groups External co-operation and Network and architecture)
    • Alignment on promotion of private network bandwidth.